What Are Your Marketing Options For Your E-Biz Today ?

- Free Classifieds ? ( Doesn't work )
Free For All Links ? ( Nobody visits them anymore )
Blogs ? ( Totally Worthless )
IP to IP Ads ? ( Not Even Clickable )
E-Zine ? ( Tons of users needed )
Search Engines ? ( Easily buried with thousands of others )

So What Does Work ?

E-Mail. The Internet's most powerful application is the dominant application for interactive marketing.

It's immediate, inexpensive and in-your-face. E-Mail has changed business communication forever. It sells, promotes, brands, informs, reminds, creates buzz and best of all, it's cost effective.

What Can We Do For Your Business ?

Start making money from your e-business with proper marketing. In order to market your e-business you need to reach millions of people.

With our Power Packed Double Opt-In Email List which contains 240+ Million Email Addresses - you'll be making money within no time.

Our 240+ Million email addresses will result in :

- Very High Response Rates
- Higher Sales Conversion Ratio
- More Receptive prospects

Our service will prove to be the very best of it's kind to any other List Marketing Service on the market today. No competitor will ever take the time or effort it has taken to produce this truly superb product, you will be purchasing a service for your own personal mailings and you may use it over and over again.

As previously shown in our potential income chart at the beginning of our message. Can you imagine the kind of income you could make if you only received one tenth (0.1%) from your mailings the amount would be staggering!

- Let's say you're selling a $3 product -
Mailed Messages Response Rate Income
240,000,000 2,400,000 (1 in 100) $7,140,000.00
240,000,000 240,000 (1 in 1,000) $714,000.00
240,000,000 24,000 (1 in 10,000) $71,400.00
240,000,000 2,400 (1 in 100,000) $7,140.00
240,000,000 240 (1 in 1,000,000) $714.00
* Typical response percentage as reported by our clients. Results may vary slightly.

Considering our example :
Our package will pay for itself if you sell to only 1 in a Million.
That's 240 sales out of 240 Million addresses.
You can sell anything and do better than that!

Imagine if your product was actually decent?
Imagine if your product was worth $19.95, or $995.00?
Imagine if you mailed over and over again?

At a rock bottom price of
$20, we offer the best solution for marketing online. Don't miss out or you will miss out on the most effective way to market your service/product anywhere!

Features & Benefits For Our Members Include:
The Highest Quality Double Opt-In List on the Market.
Our List Is Checked For Responsiveness And Updated Weekly.
Web Based - Nothing To Download To Your Machine.
Friendly User Interface - Login, Add Your Ad, Click Send. Very Easy.
Huge Bonus Area - Literally Thousands of Programs & GiveAways.
Extremely Profitable Reseller Program - Our Resellers Get $15 Per Sale.
  Perfect for :
Existing Businesses Home Businesses
Save money on US Postal mail Launch a home business overnight
Expand your customer base by millions Risk Free, 100% Double Opt-In / SPAM Free
Massive Marketing Bonuses Super fast results

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